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Yamaha's Star Motorcycles in America

Blog Date - 07 September 2012

It's funny what you learn, smurfing around the net.  I had this image in my head of Yamaha making super fast and super technical bikes like the R1 and R6.  They also produce a series of road bikes, scooters and tourers much like the other "big 4" manufacturers.  As far as I knew they only made a couple of cruiser/custom type bikes, derived from the old Viragos that had morphed into "Star" something-or-others.

It seems in America, where Hardly Dangerous are king, that Yamaha has a whole brand of motorcycles called "Star" with a range of models to choose from.  If you take the time to visit you can see and read all about it!  There's a members area where you can download owner's manuals, custom build your own bike to your own specifications and a few other goodies.  I know service in America is a big thing...I can't find even a paltry owners manual for my CBF 125 on the UK Honda website.

I would be very curious if Yamaha UK can, or would, "bring in" one of their American models if you chose to do so.  Would they supply it complete with a UK warranty, would they service the machine and would they be able to supply parts?  I know the cruiser style motorcycle is much less popular in the UK than the states so I can understand why Yamaha may not make the effort to offer their full range in the UK, but it seems a shame not to be able to access these bikes if possible.

Has anyone had any experience of getting hold of one of the fancy American models?

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Reader's Comments

Tom McQ said :-
Mmmmm, I'd LOVE to get hold of a fancy American model. Sadly, they always run away screaming as I approach them.

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