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Bike Gear Reviews

A collection of reviews about bike gear, from jackets and pants to polishes and pads...

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Williams Waterless Wash and Wax Review With Carnauba Sharon was gifted a bottle of 'waterless wash and wax'. Yeah right, that's going to be useless...isn't it?
Schuberth C3 Pro Pan European Review Pocket Pete gives us his thoughts and observations regarding his Skid-Lid. He's a happy chappy but it's not quite perfect.
Berghaus Deluge Waterproof Overtrousers Review Ren is deeply saddened by the demise of his amazing waterproof pants. This is the tale of dry crotches, easy putting on and getting off - ness and long service. But all good things must pass.
Waterproof (Goretex) Boot Liners Review Ren is still trying to achieve dry feet while riding in the rain. Will these affordable "Boot Liners" be of any help?
Q-Tech Race Goggles Review Ren tries to form some sort of opinion on Q-Tech's "Race" goggles. I suspect he's more concerned about what it's like to actually ride a motorcycle with goggles rather than a traditional visor set up.
Q-Tech Race Motocross Gloves Review Ren's review of Q-Tech's Race gloves for motocross. Light and airy but with they really protect the hands in the thick of the race?
Q-Tech 901 Motorcross Helmet Review Ren's been asked to review the Q-Tech 901 Motorcross helmet. It's cheap, but is it any good?
Merlin Bergen Overtrousers Review Ren reviews Merlin's remarkable Cordura Overpants. It's the full leg zip that really clinches it.
Muc-Off Bike Spray Review Sharon finally tries out Muc-Off's Bike Spray. Does it live up to all the claims on the can?
Pirelli MT75 Tyre Review Sharon's done 1,500 miles on the MT75. Is it a good tyre?
Muc-Off Speed Polish Review Sharon likes her shiny motorcycle. Is Muc-Off's speed polish the thing to keep it gleaming though?
Muc-Off Dry P.T.F.E Chain Lube Review Sharon tells her experience of Muc-Off's Dry Lube. It's not what she hoped.
Muc-Off Bike Cleaner Review Sharon reviews Muc-Off's bike cleaner. It's popular, but is it any good?
Base Layers Review Sharon gives us her top tips on staying warm with base layers.
O'Neal Pro II Knee Guards Review Ren reviews his ownership of O'Neal's Pro II Knee Guards. It's not all he'd hoped for.
Bering Textile Lady Fit Trousers Review Update Sharon updates her review on the Bering Textile Lady Fit Trousers, and it's NOT good news...
Oxford First Time Sports Motorcycle Panniers Review Sharon reviews Oxford's throw-overs. Useful and super-stuffable but not quite perfect.
Oxford Tank N Tailer First Time Luggage Review Sharon reviews Oxford's versatile Tank N Tailer motorcycle luggage. It must be a good piece of kit is Sharon approves.
Frank Thomas Paddock Boots MX021 Review Sharon's review on the - ahem - Frank Thomas Paddock Boots MX021. Has she purchased the right boot?
Knox Aegis Back Protector Review Sharon reviews the most excellent Knox Aegis back protector. Somehow, reading between the lines, I think she likes it...
Older Items
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Reader's Comments

Phil said :-
What about doing a review on cheap gear from Aldis and Lidi....instead of all that over priced stuff...
Ren - The Ed said :-
It's a fair point Phil!

I myself have Aldi's "Crane" gloves, 2 pairs, have owned an Crane jacket and I have 2 pairs of Crane boots, but they're in reserve for when the ones I have wear out.

I shall review some of the gear soon.
Peet said :-
There always seems to be too much luggage, it seems these guys got a solution for the problem.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Nm0TZXDQMM ...
Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Peet. Yip, you can colour me impressed! That would not be legal here in the UK. Firstly and frustratingly for myself the motorcycle MUST be over 125cc. Grrrr! There are other rules on size and weight too which any can read in the link.

I have very very seriously considered a trailer. I have even considered fitting a big-bore kit to the 125 to make it over 125cc and therefore making it legal. Trouble it that would confuse the insurance companies too.

I do rather like the attachment system. The idea of fitting a strong metal plate alongside the rear wheel spindle is very sensible and simple to make and fit. It's something I could knock up myself too, though mine would be rather more Heath Robinson than slick professional.
www.gov.uk/towing-with-motorcycle ...
Steven Brown said :-
Hi Phil
Aldi or lidl gear is fine if you are on a budget
I have used aldi base layers with success but whilst they are better than a cotton tee shirt the more expensive merino wool base layers are more breathable and worth the extra if funds allow
21/09/2016 05:47:43 UTC

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