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Where Does The Yellow Dot Go (Balancing Tyres)

Blog Date - 07 February 2012

I recently fitted my own tyre.  Not as easy as you may think, but not an insurmountable problem.  One question I had was where does the yellow dot go?

Yellow dot?  On motorcycle tyres, and some car tyres too, there’s a yellow dot on the sidewall.  I know this yellow dot has something to do with balancing the tyre and wheel.  The yellow dot will be either the heaviest point of the tyre, or possibly the lightest.  It’s a discussion I’ve had with other bikers and I’ve never received a definitive answer.

Some people swear blind it’s the heaviest point and it should go opposite the valve to counter the weight of the valve.  Others swear that it’s quite the opposite.  This is the lightest point on the tyre, or at least opposite the heaviest part, and the dot aligns next to the valve.

It’s a concern when you’re fitting your own tyre.  Ok, I know that it will make little difference if the tyre is balanced, it will however mean that more weights will be required to balance the wheel if the dot is in the wrong place.  For example, if the dot is the heavy part of the tyre and is next to the valve which weighs a few grams too, then more weight will be required opposite the valve and dot to counter this.

When I received my shiny new Maxxis tyres I read the sticker on the tyre.  It quite clearly states…
Yellow dot to be fitted by valve stem
As far as I’m concerned if the manufacturer places a sticker on the tyre with this information, I will follow that information. 

Is this a definitive answer?  Nope, well it is but only for MY Maxxis tyres.  I do not know whether this rule applies to all manufacturers.  Hell I don’t even know if it applies to all Maxxis tyres.  I guess the point is before you fit a tyre, check!

The sticker showing various instructions including information about the yellow dot

Reader's Comments

Garth said :-
Yup, mine say the dot goes next to the tire valve too.
1/1//2000 UTC

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