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Changeable Weather

Blog Date - 09 May 2011

After aprils warm and dry spell, we've returned to good old british weather.  It's May now but we're getting the heavy and stormy showers typically.associated with April.  Its not all bad, the plants were looking a bit.dry and there was already talk of drought and stand pipes.  I'm old enough to remember the summer of 1976, I was living in Yorkshire and I recall being sent by my mother with a small bucket to a red and white stand pipe at the bottom of the street. 

We shouldn't complain, everyone talks about the UK being a cold, wet and windswept island but its not.  If you're out in the weather often enough you'll get wet, but you also learn that there s a lot of dry spells inbetween the rain.  Its also not so bad if you are prepared. I work by the rule that I never ride my bike further than the end of the street without a set of waterproofs to hand.

The problem we have here is that we can't predict the weather.  Nothing can be planned for safe in the knowledge.that you can expect a dry day. You can't guarantee a dry barbeque or plan a day for a nice ride out.  You certainly cannot ever guarantee a nice week or even a nice weekend.  Pot luck in the UK, the difference between summer and winter is the rain may be a bit warmer.

Imagine what it must be like to live somewhere where you can plan any event and be certain of the weather.  Imagine being able to book a weeks holiday and feel sure you'll not need to pack any waterproofs or extra jumpers.  There again, the weather is what makes the UK such a green and pleasant land.  Having ridden through central Spain in the summer, I can appreciate our green countryside.

Here's to the rain...just a little...not too much...please.

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