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Kawasaki BN 125 Eliminator - To Buy or Not To Buy

For a few weeks now a car dealer friend of mine has been telling me of a Kwak BN 125 Eliminator that another dealer would be getting in.  Now the CLR 125 I'm currently ripping around on is fine, but at 28,000 miles it's starting to get tired and I know it won't last forever.  I was told the Kwak would be mint, like new, perfect and I may be able to get it at bargain basement prices.


Today the bike finally arrived.  It has just over 5,000 miles on it and it is hardly mint.  It's 57reg, making it three years old, 5,000 miles is not a lot but there's a lot of rust and wear on it.  The exhaust has plenty of life in it but the header is already rusting and the wheels are just starting to turn a bit too.  The rear wheel is at the back of the sliders indicating the chain is on it's way out.  The engine is clean but the alloy is dull, indicating it's been stored in a damp garage.  It didn't want to tick over properly too, I'm hoping this is old fuel but I'm not altogether certain.

So, lets look into the good points.  Most similar bikes with similar mileage sell for around £1400 to £1600, I may be able to get it for less.  The motor sound tickety-boo.  After a good clean I think it will look smart enough.  There's plenty of room for 2-up, so me and the gf can take nice easy gentle cruises together.  It's a big bike for a 125, it doesn't look "pathetic". 

Bad points.  It's definietly not a minter.  I can't find a top-box rack for it anywhere on the net, I guess I'll have to make my own.  There's not a whole load of aftermarket spares out there, so genuine and costly original parts would be required.  This is a biggie - according to several reviews fuel runs at about 80 to 90 mpg, that's way down on the 110 mpg I'm used to from the CLR.  I'm hoping these reviewers like to thrash their bikes.  It's a long chain, meaning it will wear out quicker. 

I so want to like the bike.  It looks smart, probably rides ok and it looks comfy too.  Yet that fuel puts me off and the lack of aftermarket parts.  I guess if I can get it for the right price I'll buy...but if this dealer wants standard dealer prices he can forget it.  There's plenty more fish...



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Reader's Comments

Ren - Admin said :-
Well the dealer wanted far too much for the bike. I didn't buy and the bike still sits in the dealer's showroom gathering dust. Shame really.
ron said :-
go on 2 ebay i got a lot from there 4 my kawasaki i got the eliminator 125bn.i lent 2 my shop in cornwall 2 get my break shoes thay told me £39 pond i got them on ebay for £8 and for a set of chain&spokeit set thay sead £51 pond i got it for £29 off ebay

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