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Blog Date - 10 August 2017

Sharon and I are having way too much fun this year. So far I've been solo to Cornwall this winter (Cornwall In Winter 2017), then with Sharon and friends around the north coast of Scotland (North Coast 500 2017). We've just returned from daaaan saaaaf (Friends And Family 2017). There's also been numerous trips, camping events, meet ups and ride outs. 

Sharon looks out over a scene while stood next to the two motorcycles
We don't do so badly, we even catch the odd sunny day.

So much so that we are quite some way behind in writing up and publishing our adventures here on BAT. Sharon's still writing up Scotland and I've not completed the trip to the land of no gravy on chips. In fact Madam Parker still needs to finish last year's trip to The Netherlands - I wouldn't hold your breath for that one dear reader. 

Despite how much we protest that we never ever have time to do all the journeys we'd like to do we are already planning our next sojourn. South Wales. We have been to South Wales but only passed through, we've not explored or taken time to get to know the area. I've been promising to go "properly" for ages but I keep on ending up elsewhere. Well this time I'm determined to actually get there.

Having spoken to some folks Pembrokeshire seems to be the area to go to. The plan so far is to spend 2 nights in Dolgellau on the way south as we liked it there when we went this winter (in the car much to our shame but it was snowing). Then perhaps 2-3 nights in St Davids and 3-4 nights in Tenby. As we will be tenting then all this is flexible and that's the way we like it. 

The Pembrokeshire area circled on a map
This is the place to see I'm told. 

I do not know the area at all. What Sharon and I would like is a guided tour by a knowledgeable and humorous guide just like we've recently enjoyed with David in Norfolk. However as this is unlikely to happen I'm asking if anyone reading this has any suggestions for us?

There's a few things to note before you get carried away though.

Firstly we'll be on the motorcycles. That means walking around stately homes while carrying wet bike gear and helmets is not really fun. That means long romantic walks while carrying bike gear and helmets is not really fun either. Unless the walk is next to the campsite or there's a place to leave our gear anything that requires a lot of walking with our gear is out.

A display cabinet of fine pottery at Sandringham
Don't wanna be knocking this lot over with my helmet and jacket.

Secondly we ain't out to spend a fortune. We can manage a couple of quid here and there but if the entrance fee is £25 each the forget it! Don't go recommending Michelin starred restaurants or luxurious spas either. Think more along the lines of greasy spoon cafes, beautiful views across mountains and the coast, cute villages and harbours or quirky pubs with a warm welcome.

I'm not interested in cities - but - I don't want to see *just* the best and nicest places. I don't want to spend an age in the doldrums of the most underfunded and underemployed areas but I want to gain a rounded picture of the area. It's all too easy to visit the best a place has to offer and come away with entirely the wrong impression of what it would be like to live there.  

Anyhow thanks in anticipation and maybe, just maybe, we'll see you on the road.


Reader's Comments

Sharon said :-
Yes, yes I know I'm not the prolific writer you are Mr Ren. I do try you know but you know how it is I get distracted way to easy. I meant to write today but then there are fun things to do like rediscovering my edges that have remained covered for years. (Grass over block paving edging stones). But fear not winter is coming I want have grass to distract me then.
10/8//2017 9:39:05 PM UTC
Ian Soady said :-
Some nice roads and scenery down there.

One year when I decided to give France a miss I thought I'd try a Celtic Fringes trip - round the coast of Wales then the Lake District. I enjoyed it but must say I missed the empty roads, excellent accommodation and wondeful food of my usual destination.

But you'll be OK in your damp tent eating cold beans from the can......
12/8//2017 9:32:33 AM UTC
Latchy said :-
It's quite short this trip but the coast road from Haverfordwest to st David's is scenic, the church there is a stunner, if you like the being abroad feel and beaches then do try penbryn beach ( north bit) I think it is close to fishguard
Tenby goes without saying,
12/8//2017 10:08:51 AM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Sharon - in winter you'll be distracted by rubbing your hands together between your knees and complaining it's too cold to do anything.

Ian - There's nothing wrong with being in a damp tent and eating beans from the tin. Admittedly I'd prefer to be in a 5 star hotel in Dubai but needs must when you're as tight as I am.

Latchy - Cheers and I've gotten the maps you sent me saved too. Thank you for being the only useful contributor so far...pffffffft!
14/8//2017 3:18:46 PM UTC
Stuart said :-

We went to that area years ago but in a car rather than the bike so can't say much about the roads but St Govan's Chappell could be worth a visit and fits your criteria.

I think it is free to look around, there isn't much to break and I think it's just a short walk from the car park.

Have an enjoyable and safe trip.

15/8//2017 8:38:05 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
That's exactly the sort of thing we're looking for Stuart. I've put a star on my Google Maps and if we get the chance well drop in and have a look. Many thanks :)
16/8//2017 10:07:28 AM UTC
Andy Gray said :-
If you're heading slightly east of your circle to the breacon beacons national part, I can put you in touch with someone who knows the area very well & could give you a guided tour.
16/8//2017 11:36:43 AM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers Andy. We don't want to put anyone out but I think a trip into the Brecons would be in order perhaps.
16/8//2017 1:40:53 PM UTC
Ian Soady said :-
" Admittedly I'd prefer to be in a 5 star hotel in Dubai...."

Can't think of much worse than a 5 star hotel (or indeed anything else) in dubai. I think I'd prefer the damp tent even in Wales, and that's saying something.
18/8//2017 2:02:45 PM UTC
Stuart said :-
Hello again.

Depending on how far East you are coming it may be worth looking at the Devils staircase.

It's on the road from Abergwesyn to Pontrhydfendigaid. You will need to cross a couple of fords and please be warned the hill is very steep and the turns very sharp.

I also like the Elan valley.


19/8//2017 9:21:50 PM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
What's wrong with Dubai Ian - I wouldn't know as I've never been but it at least looks warm and dry.

Cheers Stuart. I'll have a look at that road on the maps. Sharon will be on her Z250SL with luggage and while she has survived The Applecross Pass I'll be in trouble if this road's a bad 'un.

Yeah a few folks have suggest Elan Valley.
20/8//2017 8:02:39 AM UTC

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