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Goodbye Houdini

Blog date May 2017

Well here I am three weeks after my operation to remove Houdini my troublesome tumour. Right until the very end he did his best to evade detection and go into hiding. Much to the amazement of my surgeons he showed them his unusual ability to move around.  They finally therefore took me seriously and had ultrasound in on the operation so they could hunt him down in theatre.  Even when exposed my tumour was not one for letting go easily.  He had attached himself rather firmly to my chest wall and even the rib bone itself. Three hours later we parted company. The surgeon is hopeful he got all of Houdini out, he can not be 100% sure but we can only hope that my tumour finally decided to let me go.

I don't do well on anaesthetic, I was sick after the operation and frankly felt terrible. My side was swollen way more than I had expected although as expected it was very sore. I was well looked after at home and began to recover albeit much more slowly than anticipated. My lovely friends pointed out that I have to realise I am err hmmm...older now....and that is par of the course. Cheers for that my friends but it is so very true.
I fought the pain and sickness to get on the back of Ren's bike a week after the operation. Being on was fine, getting on and off was hurt..more than I let on. But it was great to be on the bike and it reminded me how much I still enjoy being a pillion. I must remember to do it more often. It is good to relax and take in the views at leisure and in detail.  It's good to be able to hug Ren and chat more easily than when we're on separate bikes. Of course I love riding my own bike but it was an enjoyable change.
We only had a short bimble to Southport and all was good until I got home. I was greeted by a very upset and angry teenage daughter. She gave both Ren and I a telling off for going out on the bike. I had failed to tell her my plans so when she came home to find me not at home she thought the worse, I deserved my telling off. I was thoughtless and in the wrong and I could clearly see that and therefore apologised. It does not matter if you are being told off by your child be they 5 or 25 if you are in the wrong you need to say sorry.

The following weekend I gingerly asked daughter's approval of trying a little ride on my own bike. I had been feeling quite down after the operation. I still felt sick and sore but hoped bike therapy would help. A short pootle on the Saturday proved successful. Sunday brought sunshine and blue skies - that be biking weather that be. You may be able to remove a tumour but once in the blood the desire to ride is with you for life. It is really an addiction and I needed more than a pootle. I needed to Ride....and ride we did, despite a vague intention to still take it easy we stayed out for 10 hours and covered nearly 200 miles. I needed to know I could still ride. I had my question well and truly answered.  I am incredibly grateful.  The joy I feel riding my bike is truly amazing. 

Sharon poses in the sun next to her motorcycle in the picturesque surroundings of Grange Over Sands Happy to be back in the saddle

Some may frown on me for doing too much too soon. Others may pat me on the back...gently please I'm still a bit sore...but only I know my body. Yes I probably did push it but for me it was worth it. I was left feeling knackered and in some discomfort.. But I was also left wearing a huge grin and the knowledge that this girl may have been down but she not out yet. This was a great comfort to me that outweighed the physical discomfort. 

The following week I finally began to heal more and feel better. The pain lessened and the sickness and fuzziness cleared. So come the weekend I could ride my bike in comparative ease. I also got the news on the tumour biopsy. Just another schwannoma, well I guess there is no "just" about a schwannoma and the incredible pain they cause but the just means it was not malignant. Phewww. 

I am cautiously optimistic at the moment that the operation has been a success. The pain has reduced greatly. There is still some swelling and discomfort so I don't want to be too over confident yet. Only time will give me a definitive answer. But right now I can ride and finally sleep at night without constant pain. I should be jumping for joy right? I should but I have felt a little down since the op. Maybe the after effects of the operation combined with bad news regarding health issues of other family members and friends. Maybe I even feel guilty that I may have resolved my own issues for now while others are still in the thick of it. 

Railway lines and vast broad flat bay, looking from Grange Over Sands to MorecambeJust need to get back on track now and chase those last few clouds away 

I think I may need to get on my bike and ride somewhere where nature's beauty is on full display to heal properly. That will be Scotland here I come....

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Reader's Comments

CrazyFrog said :-
Good for you Sharon, well done!

Nobody should lecture you on how to recover from anything like this - it's your body and you understand better than anybody else what it's telling you.

I've had quite a few operations, and have a simple rule for recovery. If it really hurts don't do it! Mild discomfort or the occasional twinge I think are fine, but we all know when our body is telling us to stop I think!

Both of my bikes are off the road at the moment, on the naughty step in the garage and it's driving me nuts - especially with all this sunshine....
25/5/2017 10:58:44 AM UTC
Ian Soady said :-
Yes, well done from me as well. It's inspiring to hear how someone deals with these things.

I can't entirely agree with Mr Frog however - when I had a knee replacement 5 years ago, I needed to keep up the physio till just this side of unbearable (and sometimes past it...) as otherwise the muscles scar and severely limit movement.

When I saw the consultant before the op, he asked what were my objectives, and the principal one was to be able to ride 200 miles on the bike. I have to say most of my trips are much less than that, but at least I can do 60 or so without getting off. Especially now the Super Four is customised to my requirements.
25/5/2017 11:21:46 AM UTC
Borsuk said :-
Good wishes on your recovery Sharon. Hope you get back to normal ASAP.
Make most of the good weather while it's around.
25/5/2017 1:10:06 PM UTC
John said :-
I think you are a very brave lady with a tendency to undersell your strength, I applaud your spirit Sharon and share your passion for getting back on your bike.
25/5/2017 2:12:26 PM UTC
GJ said :-
That's really good news that you are back on your motorcycle after the removal of the tumour. Just do everything at your own pace to help your recovery.

I'm kind of lucky to never have a had a serious illness but was at a friend's funeral the other week. Poor guy was only 37 and had suffered from heart failure for many years but had packed in as much as he could in his time.

27/5/2017 12:50:11 PM UTC
Louisa said :-
Hey Sharon,

So glad you're recovering well and able to get back into the saddle again.
I'll look forward to your updates about your adventures in Scotland! x
28/5/2017 3:19:57 PM UTC
Wayne said :-
Hi Sharon
It's been a while and I need to do a bit of BAT catching up but more importantly you are hopefully now well on your way to a full recovery
It's funny how our children suddenly turn into our parents at these times which largely has got to be testament to how they are brought up and secretly I bet you enjoyed the telling off - lol it's great that she cares so much
Well push when you can and take your telling off when you derserve it
Hopefully you will soon be fit as a fiddle and the long term pain will be sorted
Keep well
11/6/2017 7:33:53 AM UTC
Ren - The Ed said :-
She's just covered over 1400 miles this last 8 days Wayne so she must be on the way to feeling better.
12/6/2017 10:40:47 AM UTC
Sharon said :-
Thanks everyone for the well wishes, much appreciated. I am recovering really well now. An adventure around Scotland has sorted me out no problem at all. You can always rely on the Highlands to restore your spirit and soul and miles on the bike to get your fitness back up. I guess at 1400 miles I did push it somewhat, hee hee but it was worth it.
13/6/2017 9:29:49 AM UTC
said :-

24/6/2017 4:37:50 AM UTC

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